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We help your business become everyone's business

Thinker Digital has been person centred long before it became a catch phrase. Our passion matches yours and we focus on creating digital brand solutions that help you improve the lives of your customers. We’re the digital agency with a human soul

We help businesses grow, by improving their customers lives.

We put you in front of the right people, at the right time.

We’re glad you’ve taken time to check out what we do and how we do it. If you’re in a position where it’s your life’s work to improve and brighten the lives of others, then you’ll understand the passion that goes into creating a solution that has impact.

We completely remove the tech overwhelm and stress that goes into successfully marketing your cause.  We research, create and implement community a facing brand solution that not only attracts clients, donors and investment, but also the right staff, community partnerships & volunteers that share your passion.

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It's our mission to positively impact the lives of as many people as we can. We are at our best when partnered with people like you.

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We live in a noisy world. Surrounded by instant messages and clickbait marketing offers that have flooded every market imaginable. I’ve found that people want to help a good cause. They want to make a difference but they simply don’t know how. Most people will buy into charity lotteries at least once or twice a year, donate s few dollars when they can as well. 

But you and I both know more needs to be done to make the difference that we hope to. We know the mechanics of an intuitive digital marketing workflow is not what you’re interested in. It’s the result it can deliver.  I’ve made it my mission to build tools that work, automations that consistently bring in new opportunities and create strong brand interfaces that instantly become an asset to your cause.

We build lean, smart workflows and integrated websites that stand alone from third party social media platforms. We create pathways to your results.

It's crazy how much these guys get it. We were lost and at a standing start before Michael stepped in. I never thought we'd be pulling in quality leads this fast.
Ben Iverson, CEO at LifeSauce
Ben Iverson
CEO at LIfeSauce
If you're thinking of starting your own business, don't do a single thing without setting a meeting with Mick from Thinker. As a result, our lives changed.
Luke and Judy Roberts from Maxima Coffee Roasters
Luke & Judy Roberts
Maxima Coffee Roasters | Founders & Directors

The number one reason businesses get digital marketing wrong is a lack of clarity

Working with Michael directly and the team at Thinker has made me realise how much time, money and effort we've wasted. Over the last two years, in our start-up phase, I honestly believe you guys just saved me 100K and another two years.

Brett Mallard @ M2Cloud

So how can we help your business?

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