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The digital heart of your person facing business‚Äč

A web design agency that gives you back all the control.

Well planned web design is the heart of your marketing machine.

We Love Web Design. Our clients are international to bread & butter locals across the Central Coast, Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.larify, we know our stuff.

The biggest mistake made in most online businesses today has become apparent. The answer is not building your website like part of the big picture.
It’s an integral cog in the wheel of all your digital marketing, not an expensive contact form.

Ken Duncan web design on a MacBook Pro

The Ken Duncan website redesign with eCommerce integration

Web Design as an asset

The build matters because …

Your website is an asset. When you’re spending money to build a part of a workflow, it needs to create ease and flow within your business. So, to create ease, things need to just work and work as you expect them to work. As a result, we work WITH you, not just for you. Your input helps us build an asset that becomes the whole digital marketing workflow.

In other words, we take our design process very seriously and while our website are beautiful, they’re super functional too.

But above all, it’s a digital asset with rock solid security, ease of use for our clients, the ability for you to edit it without coming back to us again and again – that’s important.¬†

Digital Assets are your tools to success, use the right team to build them and they make you money instead of costing you a fortune.

Every single website we develop for our clients is:

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We are WordPress Specialists

Web Design with WordPress…. why?

Here's some links to free image resources for web design ideas

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