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With the one page website Google will love you for.

Just $1200 + $99 /mth

Includes Hosting – SSL + Domain & Maintenance.

"Michael is absolutely fabulous. I’ve been a very happy customer for nearly four years and have referred others to him who also have given me feedback thanking me for the referral. Would have no issues referring anyone to Michael."
April Ratajczak
April Ratajczak RN
Founder and Director of Focus Accreditation.

Why One Page and what's the catch?

Get your message across instantly. No need for noisy details

On a one page website you can really punch home your visuals along with your message. It lends itself to absorbing a specific product or service, rather than having to browse through a multi page site. Think of it as a sales funnel, that has it all on the first step. Adding new pages is there at the click of a button.

It's clean, engaging, straight to the point

We all know how fast paced everything has become. Social media has trained us to have the attention span of a baby with a shiny new toy. Most businesses already have a sound offer of their services, a one page website or landing page sets up action from your target. Plus, the styles of many businesses doesn't require a huge sitemap. Coaches, consultants, specialists etc, most will benefit from a funnel style webpage with a customer journey built into the page.

Google loves relevant content

Google is really pushing home the point that website relevance is what matters. Is the content and message relevant to the user. It gives us a great opportunity to pack the page with keywords that actually matter to your offer and your market. Five pages of irrelevant content will hurt your site, it won't hold the attention of your traffic and the bounce rate skyrockets.

There are conditions, but they 100% depend on you

Of course there's a few conditions, but if you handle them all first, there's zero costs to you. If some of these requirements are beyond your tech skills, we offer modules you can add onto your build. See them below.

Click the examples below to see just a few possibilities.
Your site is custom built for your content strategy.

Add-on Modules to help your business

Add a content strategy

Write all my website copy, add my keywords and create my client message to market


One off fee, guaranteed better search results, create your message to market and your key client statement

Add a Facebook Biz Setup

Sort of all my Facebook tracking, install my pixel and create a brand account


We'll create and setup your domain within a Facebook Brand Account. Then create and verify that domain against a pixel and install it for advertising in the future.

Add a Google Biz Setup

Please setup my business in Google suite and add all the Googly stuff


Google can be tricky, far more than Facebook. We'll setup your Google Business Suite, add your brand to Google Business, install Analytics against your domain and create the keys for your security reCaptcha
"Our Google ranking improved in under 2 weeks. We're finding it simple to market with a clean, fast client engagement process. We're getting bookings right there on the page. Couldn't have been easier"
Ben Iverson, CEO at LifeSauce
Brett Halstead
Marketing Manager

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