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Digital Marketing.

The critical factor is knowing your customer

The Digital Marketing Ecosystem for Customer Centred Thinkers

Digital Marketing simply put. We find your audience, we get their attention, then we send them on a customer journey to buy.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook’s platform is a monolith of opportunity. We all need to understand that Facebook must and always will play to both sides of the market. The advertisers and the users. What does this mean? Neither can exist without one another.

Google Marketing PPC

Pay Per Click marketing – Truly understand your customers. Learn their behaviours and their buying emotions so you can deliver a more personal experience. In short, Google has immense retargeting power all in one place

Email Marketing - The Nurtured Customer

It’s all about nurturing. Keeping your much loved customers informed of where you’re taking your business. Sharing with them how you plan to serve them and how you can make their lives that little easier through your products or service. We highly suggest making email marketing a staple in your digital marketing workflow.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.  By far the number 1 organic process that gets you valuable results. It’s critical and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Your website’s SEO foundations & qualities reach far beyond the site itself. This is where your keyword targeting is born and truly expanded upon.

Marketing Lead Gen Funnels

Not all funnels are created equal. In fact, many people get them wrong. It’s the belief that it’s simply – Give something away, snatch an email address, then emailing them the next day. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Funnels are the practice of creating a journey for the customer. Adding value first, sharing the story and creating attention. It’s the beginning of the real world process in the art of ‘creating a customer’

YouTube Ads - The Content Pond

YouTube ads allows you to reach potential customers on the platform and have them take action while they view and search for videos and only You only pay when they take action (trigger) Pay Per Click advertising.

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