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Establish Your Design Requirements.

Web Site Design Central Coast – Before beginning the web site design process, you need to identify your target audience and focus on the purpose of your website. This will help guide the design process and ensure that your users get the maximum benefit from your site. 
Having a clear understanding of what you are looking for in terms of layout and functionality will help our designers create a customised website that meets all of your goals.

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Perform Keyword Research & Topic Strategy Planning.

It is critical to optimise your website for the keywords associated with your target audience. Performing keyword research can help uncover potential opportunities for webpages and content that will attract more visitors to your site. Additionally, you may want to consider developing a topic strategy plan that outlines what topics related to your business are important and how these topics will be highlighted on different webpages throughout the site.

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Create an Effective Mobile-Friendly Design.

As mobile traffic continues to grow, it is critical for your website design to be responsive and optimized for all devices. This way, no matter what device customers (or potential customers) use to access your site they will experience an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use design. Ensure that your webpages are loading quickly, buttons are easily clickable, fonts are the right size, and menus are laid out intuitively. Doing so will improve user experience on the site and keep people on longer.

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