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Thinker Digital is a full-service branding agency in Sydney and the Central Coast. With over 25 years of experience in high-impact brand development and design along with effective digital marketing.

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Create a Strong Brand Identity and Stand Out in Your Market.

We thrive in the conception and development of new businesses. From the initial round table mind map to wowing our clients with beautiful brand creation.

It's the creation of the brand identity that we excel at. It's Alchemy to us. Diving deep into the client's positioning, goals, desires and how they need the world to see their new business or company.

We take the lead from strategy to concept, through the design phase in fill it with life.

We feel most branding agencies have forgotten what it’s like to start from scratch. It’s scary as hell. You’re in a sea of readied competitors trying to find your voice. Well we have the answer. We’ll be your wingman. A wingman with experience, ideas, tested methodologies and a way forward.

We give life to your business alongside you, guiding you and sharing our experience with you, so you’re armed with the skills to manage it.

New business is exciting for us. We get to be a part of your new venture and help you grow into your dream of running your own business. 

As a central coast branding agency we have a unique perspective of small business. A few of us grew up o the Central Coast and a couple more in Sydney, so this gives us a unique feel for different levels of business and industry.

It’s not by coincidence that we love logo design. Our creative director has won several awards for his work across many brands, locally and internationally. Let’s be honest, it’s the fun part. It’s the new hat atop the bursting little baby we’re preparing to push fourth into the world of business. 

Although, while it’s fun, it’s still dead serious. It needs to make sense of what you’re trying to achieve. Clarity is king here. Forget the dreamy ideas swirling about your head, get clear on your message. Get clear on your audience and create to get attention.

The Brief: Develop a brand identity mark that represents the coffee roasting process. The bean itself goes through a series of stages. It changes colour as the bean roasts from the inside, then it cracks twice at different time intervals. Our logo needs to be clean and fresh, but still bright and dynamic. It also needs to be clear enough to be seen at smaller sizes and be used on all our packaging and the website.

Maxima Coffee Roasters Logo created by branding agency Thinker DIgital
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